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Do you need your residential or commercial property valued?

Look no further! WC Valuers offer professional and reliable property valuation quotes for a number of purposes ranging from family law court, stamp duty, taxation, superannuation fund, rent reviews and many more.

Each of our property valuers Perth are registered under the Australian Property Institute (API), are Certified Practising Valuers (CPVs) and have over 20 years’ experience.

We are known for our outstanding customer service and take pride in our following attributes:

  • We treat you as a valued client
  • We take time to answer your questions thoroughly
  • We offer valuer for money
  • We value properties day in and day out
  • We have over 20 experience in the industry
  • We are accredited at the highest level – Australian Property Institute (API)
  • We are an independent valuation firm
  • We deliver expert reports
  • We finalise reports within 2-3 business days from inspection

Property is typically a person’s largest asset; we recommend you get a property valuation completed by an expert valuer. WC Valuers are leading professionals in the Perth Metropolitan area and regional WA. We provide valuations on your property that will identify the key areas and factors to improve the value of your house.

Our extensive reports and expert knowledge allow us to utilise the local knowledge and finalise accurate and detailed reports relevant to the specific area. Our senior local valuers have years of experience in the district, and therefore manage the existing factors which could affect the value of your property.

WC Valuers are not limited to residential and commercial properties, we also cover leased properties, factories, and land plots.

When completing a Valuation, there are many factors to consider. For example; the neighbourhood, is it a built-up area, sales evidence, zoning, the location and much much more. We have valuers that operate in every area within the Perth Metropolitan area, and work to the standard of the highest accreditation (ie. API).

In the event of financial hardship or change in asset ownership, it is important to know the value of your asset. For legal purposes or just for peace of mind, appointing an expert valuer is paramount when purchasing, selling, or owning a property.

We provide reports for several purposes, the valuations we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Mortgage Security
  • Taxation/Capital Gains Tax
  • Superannuation Fund Reporting
  • Asset Register Valuations
  • Internal Accounting
  • Stamp Duty and Related Party Transfer
  • Deceased Estate and Probate
  • Pre-sale/ purchase Advice
  • Compensation/ Acquisition
  • Retrospective/ Back-dated reports
  • Mediation and Family Law Court Valuations including Expert Witness Reports
  • Building Insurance/ Replacement Costs
  • Rental Reviews/ Rental Determinations
  • Unit Entitlements, and more

We carry out property valuations day in and day out, meaning we are professionally qualified for any case that comes our way. We come highly regarded across Western Australia and are recommended by legal, accounting and financial firms.

WC Valuers can value your property as at the current market, but we also have the capacity to value the property retrospectively (an historical date). If you need a backdated valuation, you can rely on WC Valuers.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and look forward to assisting you with your property needs. You can call the office today on (08) 9468 3290 and speak to a member of our friendly staff, alternatively click CONTACT US and fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is a certified property valuation?

A certified property valuation is a comprehensive analysis completed by a qualified valuer to determine the fair market value of any subject property. As such, a property valuation includes extensive research and evidence to support this determination and is legally certified to comply with government legislation and criteria. The value of the property can be calculated either at its current market value, or at a retrospective date.

Property valuations can be necessary for a variety of purposes, across any property type. It is vital to ensure your property valuation is completed by an independent, certified professional to sufficiently fulfil any requirements.

Why would you need a property valuation?

Understanding the true value determined through a property valuation can create greater certainty when informing decisions as well as reducing potential risks. As such, seeking out a property valuation ensures the fair market value of the subject property to be used in a variety of formal and informal circumstances. In turn, you will receive a report to suit any individual requirement backed by evidence and industry expertise.

As a legally certified document, a certified property valuation is necessary when dealing directly with any kind of governing body and judicial requirements while remaining completely independent and without conflict of interest.

What is the difference between an “as is” and an “as if complete” property valuation?

Most properties will require an “as is” property valuation, which is completed based on the current condition of the property on the date of inspection.

If a property is bought off-the-plan, or has planned or progressing renovations, an “as if complete” property valuation may be required. This considers what the final condition of the property will be once any improvements are finished and the property is complete.

Both “as is” and “as if complete” property valuations use comparable sales data gathered at the time of valuation to calculate the property’s worth. Therefore, they determine the current market value of the property either in its present state, or if it were currently complete.

How does a property valuation differ from a bank valuation?

Bank valuations and property valuations both aim to seek the value of the subject property, however, they have very different incentives behind this.

A bank valuation is organised by the lender to weigh the risk of approving a loan and to ensure loan security. Because of this, bank valuations have an existing agenda that tends to push towards a conservative value to minimise risk if the loan was to be defaulted.

A property valuation, however, aims to determine the fair market value of the subject property independently and without bias. This is ascertained by providing a transparent report based on the analysis of the subject property and a direct comparison to the local property market.

What is a certified property valuer?

A certified property valuer is an industry professional trained and qualified by the Australian Property Institute (API). Also known as a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV), a property valuer will carry out independent valuation services across residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

A certified property valuer will undergo an average of six years training, including tertiary education and professional industry practice to ascertain the qualifications to complete valuation services.

Certified property valuers hold an acute insight into their local property market and are legally certified to undergo valuations for a variety of niched and specialised purposes. They are therefore qualified to complete valuation reports compliant with legal and legislative requirements of any governing body.

How does a property valuer conduct a valuation?

To conduct a valuation, the property valuer will undergo extensive research utilising dedicated property databases and industry expertise that results in a comprehensive analysis of the subject property. This will include and a selection of comparable sales in the local area to inform its value, and information regarding the overall market condition.

Our property valuers go through a rigorous process to determine the fair market value of a property to ensure complete accuracy and transparency. The extensive research and methodologies that goes into conducting a valuation report are completed to meet the standards of the Australian Property Institute (API) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

What are the benefits of using an independent property valuer?

To receive an objective, thorough, and bias free valuation report that complies with any legislative standards an independent property valuer is required. An independent valuation can be used for a variety of purposes, whether for private use or to adhere to legal requirements.

Our independent property valuers are all certified with the API, have hands on experience within the property market and valuation industry, and tertiary qualifications. As such, an independent property valuer can provide accurate and comprehensive valuation services without any conflict of interest using their arduous training and highly regarded industry expertise.

What do our property valuers include in a valuation report?

When determining the subject property’s fair market value, a property valuer is tasked with assessing the property, taking into account over 200 variables. As such, a property valuer will commonly complete an on-site inspection to assess the building’s condition, fixtures and features, location, land value and any notable ancillary improvements.

The property valuer will also utilise various methodologies and property databases to ensure complete transparency and accuracy. This includes researching the subject property’s geographical influences, including any environmental risk factors, access to public transport, and proximity to local shopping districts and recreational amenities. An analysis of the local property market and local comparable sales is also assessed to determine its value.

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offers all manner of valuation services, including:

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Our Valuations Reports are Compliant With

house valuationAustralian Property Institute (API)
house valuationValuer-General Western Australia
house valuationAustralian Institute of Public Accountants (AIPA)
house valuationInternational Valuations Standards (IVS)
house valuationAccounting Professional Ethical Standards (APES)
house valuationOffice of State Revenue WA
house valuationThe Supreme Court of Western Australia
house valuationFamily Court of Australia
house valuationMagistrates Court of Western Australia
house valuationThe Foreign Investment Review Board
house valuationThe Australian Department of Home Affairs
house valuationStrata Titles Act 1985 (WA)
house valuationCommunity Titles Act 2018 (WA)
house valuationAustralian Taxation Office
WC Valuers Accomplishments
property valuers Perth

We provide in depth valuation reports across all areas of business, any property types, and specialised plant and equipment requirements

property valuers Perth

We have valued large scale mixed-use commercial properties, including multi-story complexes within the Perth CBD up to the value of $10 million

property valuers Perth

We have completed valuations in the most elite suburbs of Perth, on properties up to the value of $12 million, within prestigious suburbs of Perth such as Cottesloe, Swanbourne, Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove.

property valuers Perth

We have valued specialised plant, equipment and machinery across a range of industries, as well as large asset registers up to the value of $18 million

property valuers Perth

We have valued purpose-specific buildings such as university campuses, event venues and Heritage Listed buildings

Valuation Statistics

$4.9 billion

Worth of residential properties valued

$5.2 billion

Worth of commercial properties valued

$3.3 million

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Thank you to the team at WC Valuers for your consistent, high quality service. Whenever I am in need of a property valuation, WC Valuers are the only place I call. Every valuer I have met is professional and knowledgeable, and the reports are always highly detailed. Greatly recommend! – Richard Norman, Perth Business Owner