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Valuation of properties and assets is big business and every year billions of dollars of assets including properties are valued and quite a few of them repeatedly for various reasons. However, when one looks at the successful companies in Perth who have made it big in this business, the success rate is abysmally low. This is because of various reasons. The competition is increasing quite dramatically and the rules and regulations governing valuations are becoming more and more complex.

Hence only very few companies are able to survive in this rough scenario and we are one of those. The fact that we have been successfully running this business for the past many years is proof enough of our being able to weather the storm so to say. We have a number of customers in our fold starting from big corporate houses, banks, financial institutions and also small individual customers.

We have never differentiated our customers and even our smallest customer is as important as any big one. This policy coupled with some strong fundamentals has gone a long way in making us as a big valuer in Perth and surrounding areas. Amongst the many reasons which have enabled us to grow year on year as a valuation company, a few important points mentioned hereunder are worth being looked at:

  • We are present in almost any type of valuation that one could think of under the sun.
  • We have an experienced and highly skilled team to take care of even the most complicated valuations that one could one think of.
  • We offer our services for a range of requirements starting from simple property valuations to complicated compensation valuations, superannuation fund valuations, valuations having backdated effect just to name a few.

The range that we offer coupled with the reasonable fees that we charge certainly helps us to be a cut above the rest.

One of our experienced property valuers are happy to discuss the property valuation you require in more detail. Contact the Office (08) 9468 3290 or send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Please Contact Us for an INSTANT QUOTE , we won't be beaten on price or service!

Professional Accreditations


Australian Property Institute History

The Australian Property Institute (API) was formed in 1926 as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers. The Institute has undergone several name changes over the last century as the array of services offered by its members have expanded.

The API represents the interests of more than 7,500 property professionals throughout Australia. The API members include residential, commercial valuers, property advisers, property analysts, property fund and asset managers, property facility managers, property lawyers and property researchers and academics.

The Institute’s main role is to set and maintain the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for it members and the broader property profession.

Industry Role

The API is committed to building and maintaining a strong base for the future of the property profession through broadening the expertise and knowledge of membership.

The Institute is highly regarded and respected throughout Australia and in some states government regulations specify that property professionals must belong to a member association such as the API. Many leading Australian financial institutions also require property professionals who carry out mortgage valuation work to be members of the API.

The Institute produces a range of leading property publications, including the Australian Property Journal, and other professional and educational texts, such as the Professional Practice Manual and Valuation Principles and Practices. The Institute also develops software packages, such as PropertyPro which provides a proforma template for residential mortgage valuation work. This proforma is the preferred format for the majority of Australia's leading financial institutions.

Highest Standards of Quality and Performance

Members of the Institute are bound by:

  • A Code of Ethics
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Professional Practice Standards
Certified Practising Valuers (CPV )

Property Evaluator

About CPVs

Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) have a role at the heart of property as an important part of the Australian economy. They are usually working quietly behind the scenes in an objective and independent manner to help reduce risk and provide greater certainty for their clients. Their clients include those involved in business of any description – as well as mum and dad investors they could be, for instance, overseas investors, rural landholders, hotel owners and operators, insurance advisors, stockbrokers, solicitors, mining companies or finance companies.

CPV Ethics and Standards

CPVs hold a unique position in the property industry, being true professionals in the field of valuation. In order for them to keep that position, it is vital to maintain certain principles and values, and behave in a manner expected of Members of the Institute.

CPVs should always work in a professional manner, with integrity and honour. They should serve their clients and employers in good faith, acting impartially and objectively when providing independent advice. It is important to always respect the public interest.

CPVs should only take on work for which they have the competence, skill and/or experience to complete it to acceptable professional standards. If they are not able to complete the project themselves, they should work in conjunction with a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner to do so.

Any conflicts of interest should be identified and considered before a project is taken on. Members should not act in a matter in which a conflict or potential conflict has been identified, unless all interested parties have been made aware of the situation and agree to the Member continuing with the task.

It's important for Members to observe confidentiality requirements when working with clients and the public. Members should always conduct their business in a manner befitting their profession, and in accordance with reasonable public expectations of any professional workers.


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