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Mortgage Security Valuations

Owning a property is the biggest financial decision that a person can make in their life and it’s often considered part of the Australian dream. Owning a property can also be a huge liability that you are bound to until the mortgage is paid off. Until the time the mortgage is paid off, you have a commitment to your bank so if there is a market crash or you lose your job, you could find yourself in a dire situation.

Of course, if you haven’t yet purchased a property, but are considering doing so and want to obtain mortgage security you need to get a valuation. Banks require borrowers to get a valuation before they approve the loan.

Credible reputation

With over 15 years of experience undertaking bank valuations in Perth and regional WA, WC Valuers has a brilliant reputation, with banks and clients trusting our valuations.

Why choose us?

WC Valuers hires valuers that have the experience and skill to handle a variety of valuations. They have inspected a range of different properties and undertaken valuations for various purposes. Our valuers all have a main area of expertise so when you contact us to book in your valuation, we will match the most suitable valuer to you.

Adherence to government legislation

Government legislation stipulates that all property valuers must be completed in accordance with legislation and all our valuers are kept up-to-date with policy and legislation reforms affecting valuations. They prepare their reports with legislation in mind, so you can be assured that you’re receiving a valuation that complies with legal requirements.


When you request a bank valuation the chances are high that you are doing so because you need to present it for a specific purpose such a bank valuation. With each valuer at WC Valuers having over 15 years of experience, they prepare high quality valuation reports that are trusted by clients, banks and other industry bodies.

Our customers speak highly of us and over the years we have built up a loyal customer base who return to us for future valuations.

If you require a bank valuation, or would like to discuss your valuation needs you can contact us on (08) 9468 3290 and you will be connected with one of our expert team members.

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