Guidelines by property valuers to real estate investors

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Property valuers are the experts and always work to help naive and experienced real estate investors. Property valuers know what their market condition and trend is, what buyers actually want and what they look for while buying the home. They know all the ins and outs of the real estate world. Thus people seek for property valuer’s valuable advice and hire them for evaluating the actual market value of the property i.e property valuation service.

Being a real estate investor you buy a property, make some changes and then plan to sell it. Here the major point on which you need to think upon is - make those changes which home buyers are looking for. You have to be selective while making improvements in the property. Right kind of improvements are going to help you in generating good funds.

So in order to help you out. Here we are revealing what home buyers look for while buying a home. This guide by independent property valuers Perth to help real estate investors -

1. Parking, backyard or garden space - People who want to buy a new home need outdoor space in their home where they can sit and spend their time. The place where their children can play safely and hang out. They hope to have a beautiful garden which improves the kerb appeal of their home. Owning a parking space seems good to them. So while renovating or flip-n-flop the property real estate investors should make sure to add any or all - parking space, backyard space or garden as per the space available.

2. Office space - Technology is upgrading day by day and thus people are taking advantage of it. Now in order to reduce the commuting time people are preferring to take work from home jobs. Which requires home office space. If you convert one extra room into an office space that would be wonderfully great for new buyers and you to sell the home fast.

3. Upgraded Bathroom and Modular Kitchen space - Kitchen and bathroom are the two most important spaces of the home which buyers needs to be updated and new. Having large spaced kitchen with modular one and island for eating and cooking with new faucets gives an appeal look to the kitchen. Thus you can attract more prospective buyers.

Also clean and tidy bathrooms with large walk-in shower space with metallic fixtures grabs the buyers attention.

Sufficient light, air and water facility - Air, water and light are the basic elements required to live in a home. Sufficient amount of sunlight is necessary for which you can increase the size of windows. Add reflective mirrors in home to increase the natural light. This also increase the amount of fresh air which gives the healthy lifestyle to the people. Before finalising the home people check the water facility.

Here are some facilities mentioned which new home buyers look for. Being an investor you must consider these things while buying or renovating the properties. In order to earn more money one should work according to the prospects or buyers need this helps in selling the properties fast and thus investors can earn good profits.

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