How much is my home worth today

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How much is your house worth? DO you know the right answer of this question. If your answer is yes, then you are a lucky one because knowing the house value is a boon. The real estate agents, home buyers, house sellers, house owners will be agree with this. As they can understand the value of property valuation.

And if your answer is No, you don’t know the value of your property then understand this -
It is really vital to know the house worth. If you’re planning to sell your house or just want know the equity you have. Home is the biggest asset you possess. When you’re planning to sells your house it is important to get a good price for your home in the market and thus property valuation plays an important role in this.

What is property valuation?
It is the estimated value decided by the property valuer as per the market conditions and property you have.

Advantage of knowing house worth -

It’s good to know the house value when you are in the market. Otherwise you may lose a big deal and end up by putting a dent into your profit account. So to make the best profit from your most valuable asset i.e house, ask property valuers perth to determine the actual worth of your house.

The factors that affect the house value are -

  • Location of your house.
  • Current market condition.
  • Age of your house i.e how old your house is.
  • Condition of your house.
  • Improvements in the house i.e renovations done.
  • Neighborhood - surrounding also plays a significant role in property’s value.

Considering these factors the property valuer evaluates the real worth of the house.

Is it possible to evaluate your own house’s worth?
Yes, you can find the value of your own house via Online property valuation tools but the online tools are not that much reliable as compare with the property valuer. It is advisable to ask the property valuer to determine the right worth of your home as it is a big financial matter where expert’s advice is mandatory.

How to select the company for property valuation?

  • Select a property valuer company who possess following attributes -
  • Should have skilled, knowledgeable and experienced valuers.
  • Should provide honest, accurate results.
  • Valuers should be unbiased in nature.
  • Provides you professional services at affordable cost.
  • Understands your requirement first and then works accordingly.
  • Valuers should be certified.

Know why property valuation is required -

  • When you are buying (pre-purchase) a new home.
  • When you are selling (pre-sale) your home.
  • In case of property settlement valuations.
  • To know the current fair market value of your house.
  • To mortgage a property.
  • For taxation purpose.
  • For compulsory acquisition.
  • For transfer of property.

Remember the property valuation cost you pay for valuation is not an expense. In real, it is the small investment given by the client to the property valuer in order to save large return.

Get the good ROI by hiring the right property valuer perth to know the right market value of your real estate property. Company has experts, skilled and trusted advisors to help you in determining the right value of your house.

For this hiring a property valuer perth is crucial to make property valuation process seamless and accurate.