Must have features of an Investment Property

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We aim to invest in real estate properties with the expectation to earn good returns. Ofcourse, it is the best way of investment. But buying and selling an investment property is an uphill task. There are some features which an investment property must hold which helps to yield good rentals and ensure property growth.

Property valuers Perth suggested some prime features which grants good capital gains and high rental yield. Here we have listed down the features one should keep in mind before buying an investment property and it must hold -

Area in demand and high employment - The property area which is near the universities, office hub, schools, city area, shopping malls are tend to be occupied more easily. Being an investor one should buy an investment property either to generate rental income or for capital growth location and neighbourhood plays a vital role.

Before investing, hire a property valuers Perth they do some research, understand the buyer’s perspective and understand the market trend which helps to get the right and profitable investment property. Always remember location plays a vital role in real estate you can change the property’s structure but you can’t change the location and its surrounding.

The wise words by an property expert -

“It’s good to buy a normal property in a prime location rather than buying a great one in bad location.”

Property at right location helps to earn good rental income and the value of property also increases with the time.

Public Transport and amenities - The investment properties which have public transport facility near it are more in demand. Such properties grant convenience to those who doesn’t own the vehicle and doesn’t know driving. Amenities like public parks, social clubs, shopping centers gives a kind of greater attraction to the buyers and renters. Buying investment property with such amenities is highly profitable for investors.  

Unique feature (with low supply) - If you owns a rare investment property which is different and unique in architectural design of the property or location of an investment property with unique feature creates a demand in the market among buyers then such properties are good for investment purpose. When supply is low and demand is high this brings a favourable condition for a seller and investor.

Focus on basic plan and structure of property - With the renovation and remodeling you can bring a complete new look to the property and can done a lot changes as per desire. But it is quite expensive and tedious to change the basic plan and structure of property. Thus before buying an investment property on should consider these factors. Even location and direction of the property also gives good returns. Properties which are away from noisy streets and nuisance with good infrastructure are more in demand among the buyers, investors should keep this in mind.   

Required low maintenance - Properties which required low maintenance that means it doesn’t need much money. High maintenance cost reduces your actual profit margins thus these kinds of properties become burden rather than profitable investment.

These are the must have features of an investment property. Investor should keep this in mind to get good returns and also smart investors take suggestion from property valuers Perth who knows all about the property market and buyers buying perspective.

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