The checklist you must carry while going on an open house inspection

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Buying a home is a rite of passage whether you are buying it for your own or for an investment purpose. You do your research, ask your friends and colleagues, hire a home valuer to know the value of your property and also to know which one is best for you. First, you should make the list of your must-haves and then start your search. This should be very clear in your mind that you can make decisions just by finding the property amazing on the papers. You have to make personal visits to feel the reality. So while going on an open home inspection what you should check the property thoroughly? To make your task easier we have listed down some points or created a checklist you must carry while going on an open home inspection.

In order to make your buying worthy you should make a right choice otherwise once a deal is closed there is no sense in crying over the spilled milk. It is good to take home valuer with you while going on the home inspection. They know well about the things and property market trends and conditions.

Here are a few things to notice -

Check the major damages - Check the condition of the tiles, floors, roofs, walls. Know the paint is peeling, check the wall is having any stain or watermarks, Look at the building structure, scan the things around and in the home. Try to find the issues and problems. Vendors always try to cover those loopholes being a smart buyer you should check, inspect thoroughly the things in the home. Check the appliances are working correctly or not. Inspect the home is having an electric issue or water pipeline issue or not. See the parking space, pool area, yard area, patio and garage their condition and make sure they need any renovation in the coming few years? If yes then you should note it down to talk to the vendor regarding these things. You can even ask to lower down the property price by showing the loopholes it carries.

Noise level - Visit the property in which you are interested in at different time zones. Look high level of noise can make your life miserable. So better to check the noise issues - road, animals, neighbours noise is creating any disturbance while you are inside the home and check the level. If you are finding it too noisy place then better not to buy it otherwise it harms your quality life which you are thinking to have in that home and leads to regret.

Check the smell - You can’t live in a good home with a bad smell. Some vendors light the scented candles to create an aroma in the home. Which helps you to feel good. Beware it might possible they are trying to dominate the bad smell from those aromatic candles. Check the cupboards are smelly and musty. Inspect the air ventilation is proper or not.

These are things on which you should focus well. For best home valuation services you can hire the home valuer. We have a team of expert and qualified home valuers.