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West Coast Valuers – Licensed Property Valuers in Perth, Western Australia

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Perth is well and truly a happening place in the whole of Australia. It is a city

that is throbbing with a lot of activity and hence this in turn has naturally resulted in a booming

real estate market. Whenever you have a look at the various newspapers you are

most certain to come across a number of articles which talk about real estate, the

opportunities for buyers and sellers and the various peripheral factors which are

important for growth in this market.

Whenever there is a mention about real estate it cannot be done without a reference

to valuation of properties. Again, whenever property valuations are talked about in Perth and surrounding areas, we are mostly

likely to be a part of such discussions and opinion. Let us begin by stating that we

are a well known name in the field of valuation. There are many reasons for our growth

and the fact that we always feature in important newspapers and magazines is one more

testimony to our growth and fame.

Here are a few more points that make us a talking point as far as valuations are


• As a starting point, we are a company which has never ever compromised in

certain professional and ethical standards as far as valuations are concerned.

• We never stray away from the basic fundamentals of transparency, honesty, fair

play and offering best value for money when it comes to our customers, however big or

small they might be.
• We have a team of

professionals who are considered the best in the market as far as valuations are

concerned. This could be one more reason why we are talked about quite regularly in

the press and other information mediums.
• We conduct regular workshops,

seminars and other such events to continuously educate our customers in the field of