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Capital Gains Tax Valuations

When you sell an asset like real estate or shares you will either make a capital gain or a capital loss. If you make a capital gain then the Australian Tax office (ATO) requires you to report that capital gain. When you report the capital gain it is added to your taxable income however it is not actually a separate tax. Every entity or individual who makes a capital gain must pay a capital gains tax on property sold.

How is capital gains tax calculated?

Capital gains tax (CGT) is calculated by working out the difference between your capital profit and the cost of your capital asset. The costs consist of what you paid for the item and other costs associated with acquiring, owning and disposing of the asset).

There are three methodologies for assessing the capital gain:

  • CGT discount method.
  • Indexation method.
  • Other method.

The Australian Tax Office can provide more information on capital gains tax assessments.

Experts in the field

Our valuers are experts in the property valuation sector and are highly respected throughout the Perth metropolitan and regional WA areas. WC Valuers have over 20 years of experience and have worked locally in WA for more than a decade, therefore our understanding of the market is comprehensive and we are thorough in our CGT valuations.

Because of our professionalism our clients are not only loyal, they also recommend us to their family, friends, workmates and others who may be interested in our services.

Retrospective CGT valuations

Generally speaking, our valuations related to CGT are backdated or retrospective. In simple terms this means that we backdate the valuation to a particular point in time. To undertake a retrospective valuation we research the local market at a previous point in time and review the wider market. We also consider the value of the property at the time it was purchased. Once we’ve determined the value as per the sale deed or the sale agreement, we will couple that with the current valuation and the difference between the two amounts will determine the CGT payable.

Why book today?
  • WC Valuers offer a premium service and as such, it is in hot demand meaning that CGT valuations fill up fast so to secure your spot, you need to get in quick.
  • Our valuers are thorough and have undertaken research into current rules and regulations related to CGT valuations.
  • We pride ourselves on being the best and want to retain that title so we only employ valuers who specialise in CGT valuations and are experts in their field.
  • Timely reports
  • We recognise that when you need your property valued you often need it in a hurry so we endeavour to book the valuation within a couple of days from your initial enquiry.
Competitive rates

Despite offering a premium service, our capital gains tax valuation rates are very reasonable and competitive, ensuring you get value for money.

If you would like a capital gains tax valuation call us on (08) 9468 3290 and you will chat to an expert team member; or if you’d prefer, simply fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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