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Family Law Court of WA Valuations

WC Valuers is based in a Perth metropolitan area however we conduct property valuations throughout regional WA as well. Each of our valuers has over 20 years of experience and is a certified practising valuer under the Australian Property Institute (API).

Outstanding customer service

Our team of expert property valuers values properties with the following goals in mind:

  • accuracy;
  • honesty;
  • integrity.
Family Law Court valuations

Family Law Court matters are often complex, especially where there could be a property settlement. If a property settlement is likely, it is imperative that you get your property valued so that any property settlement agreement is accurate and fair.

Family Law Court property valuations are complicated and due to the nature of events surrounding them, they often need to be completed in a sensitive and timely manner. Unlike the majority of valuations between buyers and sellers there is often the absence of any commercial interest between the parties.

We regularly undertake court related valuations and pride ourselves or our professionalism and reliability. Our goal is to give both parties fair market values within these sensitive cases.

Why Choose us?
  • We are in a unique position where we have such vast knowledge that we are possibly the only valuer in Perth who can handle any type of Family Law Court valuation whether it’s divorce, separation, or a dispute related to properties between family members.
  • We understand that emotions are running high in these types of valuations, so we make a concerted effort to ensure that our valuers act professionally and with sensitivity. We pride ourselves on our ability to do so.
  • When conducting a Family Law Court valuation we do so in accordance with the guidelines that are stipulated by the courts.
  • Up-to-date data

As the leading property valuation firm in Perth, WC Valuers has access to a database of information including:

  • The property description;
  • Environmental and market factors;
  • The property’s condition;
  • The area’s zoning;
  • Recent sales figures;
  • Any other issues that could be discovered during the valuation inspection.

This information is constantly being updated as we carry out more and more inspections so you can be assured that all of our valuations are accurate and reliable.

Professional and affordable

Every valuer at WC Valuers acts in accordance with the government standards and is registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) giving you faith and confidence that you’re dealing with reliable and experienced professionals who offer their service at a reasonable price.

For a Family Law Court valuation you can call us today on (08) 9468 3290 where you will be connected to one of our expert members of office staff or submit an online enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as we’re able to.

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