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Compensation Valuations

When people buy a house they do so for a number of reasons including:

  • to live in the house for several years with their children and/or other family members;
  • to have a physical location where you and your family feel secure;
  • to have space for you and your family;
  • to control what you do with your space whether it’s painting the interior or modifying the land by planting trees or constructing a garage or other building;
  • to live in because paying rent is not a wise investment.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way due to external factors. Legislation enables property or other assets to be sold, resold or taken over by government in certain situations. In cases where this happens the government is required to pay the owner compensation for the property they have taken over. The compensation value depends on various factors including the property value.

Property valuation

When there is a chance of a compensation payment it is vital that you get your property valued. The valuation should be undertaken by an independent, third-party valuer who has knowledge and experience in their field.

Why choose us?
  • We are a local Perth based company that has completed thousands of valuations over the last decade.
  • Our valuers are experienced and we have the experience and expertise to handle compensation valuations. Compensation valuations are complex and require a specific skill set. Each of our compensation valuers has over 15 years of experience and have worked with us for a number of years.
  • Proven methods
  • Our methods are modern and have been proven to work. The methods we use are consistent with the legal requirements that the government has laid down.
  • Independent
  • Our valuers are independent and strive to give the right compensation value because we know there are consequences for the property owner.
  • Our property valuers are professional and impartial; and highly respected within Perth’s valuation industry.
  • With the most qualified valuers you can have faith that you will be dealing with a reliable and experienced valuer, and that the price you pay is reasonable.

If you would like a valuation call us on (08) 9468 3290 where you will speak to one of our expert staff members or if you would prefer you can submit an online enquiry form.

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